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Broken Garage Door Springs Repair & Replacement – Orange County, CA

Garage door springs are something that counterbalance the weight of garage doors. This means that it is the springs that allow you to open the door with ease. Due to frequent use of the door, the garage door springs, the garage door extension springs and their parts will eventually wear out. However, even when the garage door springs are damaged, you can open the door, but it is dangerous. In such a scenario, the door opens a bit slower and it could also be making some creaking sounds. Therefore, this gives you a clear indication that the garage door springs or garage door extension springs have been damaged. It is at this point that you will need to get in touch with a reputable professional. You can count on Orange County Home Garage Doors for broken garage door springs repair in Orange County.

It is important that you get a professional to do the garage door spring repair for you. This is because they know the ins and outs of garage doors and the garage door springs, and garage door springs repair. Did you know that not all spring sizes work on all doors? There are different garage door types and styles, and a professional has a better insight into what will fit in your door in terms of wire size, length, different garage door springs cost and diameter. After figuring out the correct one, we will install it correctly.

There are many garage door owners who believe in garage door spring repair on their own. Are you one of them? Even if you believe that you are skilled enough for the job, you should not execute it. The reason behind this is that special tools are often required to fix garage door spring problems. If you try to fix the problem in your garage door by yourself, you will end up making the problem worse.

A garage door repair technician will be a better option to get your garage door as well your garage door spring problems fixed. Our professionals are excellent at dealing any problems with your garage door. They have many years of experience, which gives them the confidence to carry out all types of garage door spring repair and at truly affordable garage door spring cost. We are the ones who can understand your needs better than others.

Maintenance and inspection

Lubricating the important parts of a garage door is vital, but you should also use the right type of lubricant. Using WD-40 is not advised. You should use a spray that is labeled as suitable to use on hinges, rollers and springs. You are supposed to do this three to four times a year. Grease should be avoided because it attracts dust, and dust will cause wear and tear to the bearings.

You should also check for steel cables that are frayed or worn out. If you notice such damaged parts, then you should call Orange County Home Garage Doors, so that the cables are changed as soon as possible. Of course, the problems in your garage door need proper garage door spring repair or garage door extension spring replacement and the right tools to deal with them.

You should also know that springs are always under a lot of tension as they make the closing and opening of a door easier. Imagine if something goes wrong when you are fixing your damaged springs, and your entire door falls on you. It is for this reason that you should never attempt garage door spring repair without a professional's assistance. You can count on us all for all your garage door needs.


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